Kitchen decorating and kitchen remodeling projects in Madison, WI area.


The view outside is enjoyed sitting at the island


Kitchen islands help connect your kitchen to the rest of the house






Removing walls added light to the rest of the house


An open floor plans was created from removing walls and new windows added more light to this kitchen remodel






Add a curve to your countertops for softness


Updating countertops and adding accessorizes can modernize a kitchen






Perfect sitting area to enjoy the cook and outside


By re-evaluating how you live in your home, you can create new functions to rooms.  This kitchen removed the table and added a cozy seating area.






Make a statement with a new light fixture


Add some drama to cooking and eating spaces with light fixtures and color.






Relaxing cool color scheme enhances this kitchen update


Purple in this kitchen makes the light maple cabinets come alive.






The red and gold enhances the natural woodwork of this kitchen


Color alone enhanced this existing kitchen making the cabinets and decor stand out and draw you in.






Color is key in a kitchen update


Multiple color and new furniture can create a great place to eat.






Add seating areas to an island for better function


Island design makes a good kitchen great.






Stainless steel appliances create a modern feel to a kitchen remodel


This kitchen remodel placed the appliances in the best location for the cook.






Multiple heights at the island creates drama and interest


Corner slide in stove and windows to enhance the view.






Alder cabinets look just like cherry but at a better cost


Coordinated your color and materials in a kitchen remodel.






A fly-by over the island is a unique ceiling treatment that defines a kitchen space


Unique solution to the lighting needs over an island adding drama and excitement.






Enjoy the view with your table near a window


A table against a window wall for everyday use maybe a great solution for a small kitchen update.  Add lighting for your tasks at hand and for a focal point.