Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room: Mantles and Fireplaces

Does your living room have a fireplace?  Are you maximizing the potential of that area with decor and accessorizes that match the style, proportion and space?  Many homes I have visited over the last eight years leave much to be desired with the fireplace mantle.  A fireplace usually is designed in a living room to be the focal area, to command the room and take center stage.  Even if the fireplace never gets used in the room, it is still in the space and needs to be addressed.  Dressing the mantle with decor that draws your eye and creates a great focal point is easy to do once you understand size and proportion.  The video below will show you examples of this and start getting you to think differently about this elephant in the middle of the room. 

When shopping for accessorizes to finish your mantle area, take a picture of the area you are shopping for with you.  This will help you stay on track with items your purchase for the space, giving you a clear visual of the area you are working on.  Now that accessorizing takes time shopping.  Researching before hand online for ideas will focus your time and energy when you are shopping.  Of course, one of our specialities at Inner View is accessorizing your home and taking care of the shopping for you.  We are in the stores frequently and know the current inventory of items to assist in the process.  Design discounts also are a bonus for most of the stores.  Consider hiring us to assist you with the finishing touches of your home.  It is in the finishing details that provide the look and feeling of a well lived in home.

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Jodie Amerell is an award winning interior design professional with more than seventeen years experience working in the field of design and construction. Graduating in interior design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she has traveled nationally to design and manage cosmetic accounts such as Clinique, Prescriptives, and Elizabeth Arden.

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    This is very informative. This easy tip has transformed my livingroom.

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